The Wall Street Journal

"The Underchallenged 'Lazy Teenager'"
by Adam Price
Aug. 11, 2014

For too many teenagers, back to school means back to pressure. But the media coverage tends to focus on the problems of a super-achieving academic elite—the students enrolled in multiple Advanced Placement courses, whose parents have a Harvard-or-bust mentality. Yet there is another, often overlooked class of children—chiefly teenage boys, the ones that parents perennially despair of as "lazy" or mysteriously and obstinately unmotivated.

They are the ones who make time for television, videogames, social media and {click here to continue reading . . . }

Chicago Tribune

Aut Millenium

Adam Price, on Australia's "The Athletic Development Show," discussing:

  • Why holding kids accountable to the decisions they make is essential
  • How to provide structure for your kids without being overly controlling
  • The importance of parental empathy
  • 10 questions every parent should ask their children
  • The three C’s of motivation
  • The importance of giving kids multiple sporting opportunities
  • How you can help your child by focusing on the process rather than the outcome

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